‘Freedom of Pain’, a Poetry book by Yoan Maukar.


Hello, I am Yoan Maukar.

I am a writer and lives in Surabaya, East Java. I have recently released my first ever Poetry Book titled ‘Freedom of Pain” or you can read my author profile more through this link http://yellowscribebooks.com/yoan/

Freedom of Pain

This Poetry Book, ‘Freedom of Pain’ is filled with my collection of Poetry and Poems. Some quotes and written words from me.

This Poetry Book, ‘Freedom of Pain‘ consist four chapters:

LOVE: About falling in love, the experience of heartbreak and lessons from it.
LOST: The feeling of loss and lost, loneliness. The feeling of losing one’s identity and the regret that comes from it..
LIFE: The process of learning from all life’s struggles, self-reflection; the awakening phase and the rediscovery of one’s identity and the discovery of some life values.
PURPOSE: Identity restored, the understanding to turn that pain into a purpose, as a lifelong journey and learning process of life.

You can buy now the paperback and the e-book version of this book, ‘Freedom of Pain‘ by click the button bellow. To purchase via Amazon click icon ‘Buy‘ below.

If the ‘Buy’ button doesn’t work then here is the direct link to purchase the book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FSJ54FG?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

For further read, check out this Yellow Scribe’s article: https://www.yellowscribebooks.com/2020/07/24/yoan-maukar-publishes-debut-poetry-book-freedom-of-pain-with-yellow-scribe/amp/

And watch a video of me explaining the book, Freedom of Pain; how I started writing and some interesting facts about the book: https://youtu.be/A2GVIDzcqIE

I am so excited and thrilled about my first launch… Do connect with me if you have already purchased it and share to me how do you think about it.

You can connect with me through my Instagram. Share with me. It will be an honour to me.

I hope you will like the book. Sending you all some love and light. 💛

The art of a broken clock

Time will give everything you need

Whenever and wherever you are

Yet it wouldn’t be a faithful friend

It’s there when it’s there

And it stops when it stops

Hence, it shall give you chances to fix things for a while

It may seem stop

And you could go and on murmuring over what is loss and what’s been wasted

But in reality,

Time is ticking

It will keep on running

Until you learn to catch up and focus not only upon what’s left

But what would be more you can do with it.